Project Description

Alergen info: Proizvod nema alergene
Packaging: 55g
EAN code: 860 610 480 685 6
Transport packaging: 20 pcs.
Storage: in a dry place at room temperature
Shelf life: 12 months

Ingredients: dehydrated potato flakes, preservative E 223, emulsifier E 471, stabilizer E 450, citric acid E 330, antioxidant E304.

Instruction for preparation: Pour 250 ml of water into the bowl, add half a spoon of salt and boil. After boiling water, remove the dish from the fire and add 125ml of milk, butter or margarine if desired. Immediately add potato flakes and stir. You can add other spices as desired and mix again. Mashed potatoes is even more delicious if you leave it for 1 minute, then mix it with a mixer.

Allergen info: the product does not contain allergens.